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Are you looking for strategies to solve and alleviate what you are experiencing?
You may be looking to overcome personal limitations, fears, things that are difficult to handle, or situations that cannot be avoided.
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Online and face-to-face service in Copenhagen

I am Argentinian and received my Master Degree at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. Currently I am living in Copenhagen, where I provide both face-to-face and online assistance.

I will help you with technical and professional tools and resources from psychology science to develop what you are trying to achieve; happiness, relationships, goal achievements, personal growth, effective manners to think, decide, to manage emotions. As a psychologist I base my work on grounded knowledge from recent studies and high values ​​such as confidentiality, professionalism, honesty, responsibility. I have helped many people to deal with theirs fears and discomforts. My goal is your well-being, and personal development.

Working together, you will be able to feel capable of dealing with the situations around you, trust that you can find solutions on your own, understand the issues from another perspective to take advantage of them as opportunities for learning, change and growth, instead of experiencing them as a disease . And effectively, you will play an active role in your life gaining autonomy.

“Choose a route, not a routine”

Routines mean repetition, linearity, no surprises, no opportunities, no change. Being encouraged to take a Route implies accepting the ups and downs, the news, the unknown, failing and insisting, learning in the process, making mistakes without guilt or punishment, considering that everything adds experience for the future to become that we cannot predict, but we can predispose ourselves to the best way to deal with it.

Why contact a professional?

You may find yourself going through experiences that are very intense, painful, even incomprehensible, being difficult to overcome these difficulties on your own. In these cases, it seems that nothing can work even with the help of friends or family. How to know if a situation requires the assistance of a professional? If you notice that the problem is affecting various aspects of your life (from the emotional to, for example, your performance at work, your personal ties, the completion of usual activities, etc.), then it can be very helpful

to attend a consultation to address the conflict and prevent it from evolving. To achieve this, certain resources are necessary that allow us to work internally on our experiences and our understanding of them. Psychology provides strategies to strengthen aspects of personality, identity, self-esteem, overcoming fears and insecurities. In this space I will help you navigate it through a warm meeting, discovering the alternatives and resources that are in the next step of your personal development.

Socratic Dialogue

In philosophy it says that a proper question is radically better than a good answer. Are you experiencing getting stuck in some point in your career, in your life, maybe the same wall that don’t permit you go over the next step. Once we establish your context and the variables that hold you in the place where you are, I will help you dealing with your own perceptions about your life, the world, the people, the meanings, to let you realize other ways of thinking and understanding, and lead new points of view to think “out of the box”.

Psychotherapeutic Treatment

Going through life changes and crises can feel difficult to cope on your own. Some times symptoms such as sadness, worry, palpitations, fears of the future or particular situations, despair, emotional pain, anger, addictions could complicate our relationship with the world and other people. If you think you need help to cope, do not hesitate to request your free consultation to see if this space can be of help to you.

Personal Counseling

Maybe you are going through a difficult and painful situation. The emotions generate a huge influence in the way we decide and live. One tends to react against everything, without taking care of the consequences. Our conversation will provide you with valuable resources to manage and regulate what you are feeling and how to relieve the pain.

I can be of help if:

•You need to find your way during a crisis.
•You want to learn how to embrace your problems, concerns, and internal, emotional pain.
•Your problems keep you captive and it is difficult to enjoy life.
•You want to experience personal development or improvement.
•You need other resources or strategies to deal with difficulties or events that are difficult to cope with.
•If you are going through episodes of depression, stress, self-esteem problems, difficulties in your relationships, anxiety, emotional pain, weight problems, addiction, anger regulation, traumatic situations, psychological violence.

How to deal with stress?

When situations requests too much from us, or we must respond to a multiple number of demands, being it from the family, work, or self-demands, an uninterrupted series of thoughts is generated that only confuse us without being able to get out of that circuit. Through certain techniques it is possible to reduce these sensations and prepare ourselves to act differently and interrupt that way of living things.

Work Problems?

Working life brings its challenges, whether due to the colleagues with whom we have to interact, due to the characteristics of the managers or the demands of the tasks. There may be countless others, but the truth is that when we get home, these issues do not stop appearing and we must do something about them. In therapy you will find strategies to learn to cope emotionally and redirect the work problem towards its solution.

Have you ever felt depression?

There is a wide range of feelings of sadness, some simply make us not want to do too many things, or stop doing what we used to do. Others that are stronger generate a seldom bearable feeling of anguish, discomfort and nothing seems to make sense. If this is prolonged in time, we can be affected by our work life, relational life and openness to the world. Psychotherapy offers several alternatives to overcome these sensations and gradually get out of this state.

What kind of thoughts are guiding you?

Worry, doubt, uncertainty, fear, are the series of thoughts and feelings that make us despair and not think or live in the present. The mind gets caught up in ideas that demand attention and concern. Realizing that the most worrying thing are the ideas we have, rather than the reality they represent, helps to take a first step to generate a change and break this endless game.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will respond in less than 24 hours.

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